"it's always exciting to create new pieces of art, for it is through these creative designs that peace, joy, love and healing are infused into the world." 
​                                                                      - Ellen Epstein, Artist 


 Welcome and Sending you...

      When I began this journey of creating art that was meant for healing, peace, joy, love and wholeness, I did not realize the maze that would bring me to this point. In many ways I feel as if my life is just beginning and yet there have been so many miraculous experiences both challenging and uplifting that have brought me to this point. I know that what I share on this website is not for everyone but for those that are drawn to a life of JOY. What does that mean? For some it is great health, others inner peace or financial success, for some it is loving relationships or freedom to travel, or perhaps all of them. For some it is skipping down the street, feeling happy waking up, having a great friend to talk with. JOY is different for everyone but there is a sense of expansion, harmony, ease, lightheartedness, peace, freedom, safety, or the like. I am not completely there but I will say that through this creative and inspiring journey I am living a life I love and feeling more peaceful and more freedom and more JOY than ever in my life. I wish this and more for all of you and hope that this site tickles your senses. EnJOY! Ellen

Energy Infused Art 

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Messages of Truth Cards
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